Jamaica Breakthrough Suzette Suzie P Pitter Bishop Tacky Fellowship Tabernacle was glad to have you! You have an amazing ministry and I thank you for opening up my eyes to reality of the Marine Spirits! Unlimited Favour! Deneese Wright Thanks for coming to Fellowship Tabernacle! My eyes are still popping from everything I heard and saw…WOW! Powerful stuff! I think everyone should experience your Ministry….POWERFUL! God gets the glory every time! So when are you coming back… Meigon Patten Hi Bishop I am member of Kingston Jamaica, I now live in the Bahamas and heard of the impact of your powerful ministry over this past weekend, so sorry that I was not there, keep obeying God through your gift Mathieu’s Deliverance I have struggled with an issue for many years and have utilized various channels of counseling both Christian and secular. However, these have not been able to permanently set me free. I was lead to travel for 4 hours to Impact Lives Church and Bishop Tacky. He took me through the process of deliverance which was simple and balanced. I am now free; I have now received my freedom and permanent victory over the works of the enemy. Judith’s Baby A friend introduced me to I.L.C and Bishop Tacky encouraged me that God is faithful and that He would give me the child that I have been praying for 11 years. After going through the process of deliverance, I conceived a month after the 2009 Deliverance Conference and by the grace of God I have given birth to a baby boy. Priscilla’s Success I made several attempts to write The Canadian Registered Nurse Exam (CRNE) and all were unsuccessful. The night before my final attempt Bishop Tacky prayed for me and by the grace of God, I was successful. I am now a Registered Nurse. Elijah’s Healing I was diagnosed with a tumor and was scheduled for surgery. After Bishop Tacky prayed for me the doctors went in to remove the growth and they could not find the tumor. The tumor had miraculously disappeared. I thank God that I am completely healed. Joy’s Prosperity All through my Christian walk I knew that something was not quite right spiritually. I would have one set back after another and was not experiencing God’s blessings in my life. After becoming a member of I.L.C, I went through the process of deliverance and was completely set free. In 2009 I experienced one of the largest financial breakthroughs in my business. Bishop Tacky stood with me in prayer and by the grace of God my company is now prospering. Marcia’s Breakthrough I want to give God thanks for what He’s doing in my life and for what He has done for me over the past month. In August, we were told out jobs were to be eliminated. I felt discouraged and rejected at first. It was such a weird feeling but after that, I felt confident. I kept thanking God and believing that He had something better for me. I sent off my resume to a company and in the last week of September, I got a call from them for a telephone interview. I went through that and then first and second face-to-face interviews. I want to give God the glory that I got the job – which is a promotion to a managerial position in a laboratory. Helen’s Healing I could not sleep at night. I was always tormented in my sleep by evils spirits. I was introduced to World Impact Church, and was prayed for a couple of times, and always made an effort to be at Miracle Hour, the Saturday morning prayer meeting. It has been an instrument for my salvation, deliverance and growth in the knowledge of God. I can truly and confidently say today, that I have been delivered from nightmares, afflictions and spiritual bondage. I now sleep like a baby and I am free.

Miram’s answer

I was introduced to Miracle Hour by a friend and since I started coming to Miracle Hour, my life has been impacted, and I can see big changes in every aspect of my life. I was having nightmares and now I can sleep soundly. My prayer life has increased and I have grown in the things of God. I thank the Lord for giving Bishop Tacky the vision for Miracle Hour. I encourage everyone to come to Miracle Hour and your testimonies will be released.


Flavia’s Healing

I was experiencing pain in the upper part of my body to the extent that I found it almost impossible to dress up myself. I also suffered from dizziness and the doctors could not help me. Bishop Bob prayed for me and immediately I was relieved of the pain and dizziness. God is good!!!


Debbie’s Miracle Baby

I have been married for ten years without children because I always have miscarriages when I got pregnant. For the past four years, I could not even get pregnant anymore, but as I came to ICFC and gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ, I can see the Lord doing wonders in my life. Bishop Tacky prayed for me and gave a prophetic word concerning my situation. I got pregnant and in March 2003, I gave birth to a baby girl. Thank the Lord for this Miracle!!!


Louise’s Prayer Answered

I have to get up and give God thanks because since the beginning of the year, I’ve been facing trials. My husband was crippled and couldn’t walk. During the 21 days fasting, the Lord said to me that “I am redeemed.” The song that kept coming to me was “Redeemed – when your burden of sin was I; redeemed – when your soul was condemned to die; you were redeemed – for a price that I could not pay, I was redeemed.” Thus I cannot sit there and not testify. I thank God for my redemption; because my redemption leads to salvation which leads to peace, joy, happiness, deliverance and everything the Lord has for me. So I want to say “Thank you Lord.” Amen. (By the way her husband is healed and is walking again!)


Racheal’s Healing

Since November 2002 I have been afflicted with many kinds of sicknesses. High Blood Pressure, Fibre, Dizziness, Nightmares, Sleepless nights and pains all over my body and doctors could not help me but they kept on experimenting with different kinds of medications. I always cry because I don’t know what to do and one day I told my friend and she invited me to Miracle Hour. At my first visit my friend introduced me to the Bishop and he prayed for me. He prayed again for me at my second visit and I experienced the power of God over me and now all the pain and complications has vanished. I have thrown away all the medications because I am healed. Praise the Lord!!


Josie’s Divine Health

I am a professional athlete but for some time now I am not able to train or run due to pains all over me. My friend invited me to Miracle Hour. Bishop told me things that were happening in my life and family and all were true and accurate. Bishop prayed for me and I fell under the anointing, when I was lying on the floor, I felt heat running through my body. Today I am healed and I have started training and running again. Everything about me now has changed, I thank God for my healing and deliverance.


Nana Yaa’s Experience

Being Part of ILC has been a great experience that has influenced my life positively.

With the teachings, prayers and various activities of the church, I have come come to purposely seek the Lord, leave many things behind and have a great desire for the things of God. I believe this is the move of the Holy Spirit in my life and I thank God for taking hold of me now. I believe He has transformed and is transforming me speedily from the inside and out to become the person that He created me to be.


For the few years I have been here, I have experienced increase in EVERY area of my life and I give God all the praise and glory.









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