Our Vision

It is the vision of Impact Lives Church to impact lives of all nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to the will of the Father and by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.


It is the mission of the church to equip the saints to use their talents and gifts to be witnesses of Jesus Christ throughout the world, so that they will effectively disseminate the Lord’s Gospel to fulfill the Great Commission.

Statement of Faith

The Impact Lives Church is for people of every nation. We believe the following:

The Scriptures as inspired by God, is inerrant in its original writings and final in authority in faith and in life. (2 Timothy 3:16)


There is one true God, who is eternally existent in three persons; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


The fall and deprivation of humankind, necessitating redemption, through the blood of Jesus Christ


The salvation of humankind is through the redeeming work of Jesus Christ.


The ordinances of the church; that is, the Lord’s Supper and water baptism by immersion.


The church universal both visible and invisible.


The baptism in the Holy Spirit.





The gifts of the Holy Spirit. Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge. The gift of Faith, Healing, working of Miracles, Prophecy, Discerning of Spirits, Diverse kinds of Tongues, Interpretation of Tongues. (1 Corinthians 12:8-10)


The church is called to go into the world and make disciples (Evangelism and Missions) Matthew 28:19, Mark 16:15.


The second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, ushering all believers into the marriage supper of the lamb.


The millennial reign of Jesus Christ.


Final judgment.


New Heaven and New Earth.


Our Story

In 1992, with much prayer and fasting, International Christian Fellowship Church (ICFC) was founded. The Lord opened the door for Bishop Bob Tacky and his wife Lady Tacky, together with their first son Immanuel, to have their first Worship Service in a basement apartment.


Bishop Tacky and his wife arrived in Toronto, Canada in 1991. God gave him the vision of planting a multicultural church in Toronto, Canada. When he started, he had neither contacts nor financial support. But when God calls an individual to do exploits in His name, the person is both anointed and given a vision. God also provides for the needs of His anointed and for the work for which he was called.


Bishop Tacky is now the Presiding Bishop of the Impact Lives Church Canada with branches in Toronto, Montreal, Innisfil and Calgary.


The Lord has used Bishop Tacky to make a difference in the lives of people from countries such as: Guyana, Jamaica, Ghana, Canada, Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago, Zimbabwe, Angola, Kenya, India, United States, Haiti, St. Vincent and Congo. He has traveled to Africa, England, The United States, Switzerland, Holland and Canada conducting, conferences, crusades and seminars. Bishop Tacky has a unique anointing in the area of Spiritual Warfare; through his ministry many have been freed of sicknesses, depression, rejection, poverty, demonic bondages, satanic attacks, curses, barrenness, etc.


There is a call on his life to raise the standard for spiritual intensity and integrity, and to challenge God’s people to seek for righteousness and truth. Using a Unique preaching style and hilarious illustrations with strong Biblical doctrines, Bishop Tacky has been called to minister to the needs of God’s people through the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Bishop Bob Tacky’s


Bishop Bob Tacky is an Apostle who is called, anointed, and equipped to impact the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He has been in ministry since 1987.   Bishop Tacky currently the presiding bishop and the general overseer of Impact Lives Church Canada with branches in Toronto and Montreal, and also oversees affiliated churches and ministries in the United States, Canada, and Africa.


His qualifications include a Christian Education Diploma, Bachelor of Religious Education Degree, Master of Arts (Biblical Studies), and Doctor of Ministry.  He is an Area Director in Toronto for the Canadian Fellowship of Churches and Ministries.


He is the author of Holy Spirit,” Descend Upon the World” published in French in 1988 as Le Saint Esprit, Descend Pour le Monde and Balanced Deliverance – Keys to Strategic and Effective Spiritual Warfare.  Bishop Tacky is also the founder of B.T. World Evangelism and Networks, a ministry that God has used to bring revival to the French-speaking countries in Africa.


Bishop Tacky is the CEO of Royal Kingdom Finance and Heavens Banquet Hall and Convention Centre.  He also has a weekly television broadcast, Impact Now, which is aired nationally and locally.

He has traveled across the continents of Africa, Asia, North America, and Europe conducting conference, crusades, and seminars.  The Lord has been using him to make an impact in the lives of people from countries such as: Angola, Barbados, Canada, Guyana, Haiti, India, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Nigeria, St. Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago, the United States, and Zimbabwe.


Bishop Tacky has a unique anointing in the area of Spiritual Warfare.  Through his ministry many have been freed of sicknesses, depression, rejection, poverty, demonic bondages, satanic attacks, curses, and barrenness.


Bishop Tacky and his wife, Lady Phidelia Tacky, have three sons (Immanuel, Bobby, and Caleb),

all of whom support him in ministry.

Bishop's Consecration

Bishop's Consecration

On Saturday August 11, 2007, the Right Reverend Dr. Bob Tacky was ordained into the sacred office of Presiding Bishop of the Impact Lives Church, and B.T. World Evangelism and Networks.


The ceremony was called to order by Bishop Joel Thomas of Word of Life Ministries. The Consecrators were His Grace, The Most Reverend Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams of Action Faith International, Ghana, Chief Consecrator; His and Her Grace, The Most Reverend Archbishops James and Esther McCarthy of New Canaan Covenant Ministries International, New Jersey, U.S.A., Co-Consecrators. Also participating was Bishop Canute Blake of the Malton Church of God; Bishop Philbert London of Beacon Ministries, Guyana, South America; and The Right Reverend Belgrave Pelle of St. Mary Anglican Reformed Episcopal Church, New York, U.S.A. Also in attendance were Pastors and representatives of various Churches and Ministries in the greater Toronto area.


Felicitations were received from Rev. Glen Stead, President, Canadian Fellowship of Churches and Ministers; MEL EG THEODORE, Chancellor of the Church of the New Christian Alliance, Minister of Cities and Healthiness, Republic of Ivory Coast; Rev. Paul Yuke of Toronto City Church; and Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah, General Overseer of Royal House Chapel International, Accra, Ghana.


Dr. Shaffiq Quadri, Member of Provincial Parliament, Etobicoke North, Ontario, brought greetings from the Government of Ontario and presented Bishop Tacky with a Certificate of Acknowledgement on behalf of the Government of Ontario. In his presentation, Dr. Quadri spoke about the value of having in the community Ministries such as the World Impact Church, and Pastors such as Bishop Tacky.


Archbishop Esther McCarthy spoke on the Validity of Purpose of the Bishop which includes having the objective to minister to the total person; having goals to be apostolic, evangelistic and prophetic; providing pastoral teaching; and establishing churches as guided by the Holy Spirit.


Prior to performing the Holy Rites of Consecration Archbishop Duncan-Williams gave a charge to Bishop Tacky and congregation on what it means to be in authority and how that authority is obtained.


He pointed out that all authority is delegated, that is the delegated authority of God. This authority is needed because demons do not respect power, they only respect authority. In order to have authority, one has to be under authority and it is very important that this authority be passed down to generations. This authority can only be obtained if one is mature. It is one’s level of maturity that determines what Heaven can do with them.


He also said that to lead it is necessary to be led, to teach is necessary to be taught and to be in authority one must be under authority. If a person cannot come under authority that person is a victim of the spirit of Jezebel. One can only come under authority of someone if they are married to that person or are born of that person and this allows one to use the name of that person. Thus one can only have authority if they are married to Jesus and this allows the person to use Jesus’ name. In his concluding statement, Archbishop Duncan-Williams said that it is his belief that Bishop Tacky has come of age in the things of God, to operate in the dimension of the anointing of God and thus deserving of this office of Bishop.


To initiate the Holy Rites of Consecration, Archbishop James McCarthy gave the Episcopal Charge. He stressed that the Shepherd’s job is to lead the sheep, guide them with definite administration and have oversight over them. A Shepherd of God is not there to care for himself or to have the sheep care for him, but rather to be servants of the people. If the Shepherd loves his sheep and takes good care of them gently and tenderly, the sheep in turn will care for the Shepherd. However, that should not be the motive of the Shepherd. The Shepherd’s motive should be to love the sheep and care for them for Jesus sake. Care for them and love them for Jesus sake, as Jesus said “lovest thou me and feed for my sheep” (John 21:15-17). If the Shepherd takes good care of his sheep and loves them the sheep will take care for the Shepherd, and they will do so with love and appreciation because they know that the Shepherd loves them.


The proceedings culminated with the Call to Sanctification which included the washing of feet and hands, the Dedication of the Vestments of the Bishop and finally the Investiture of Bishop Tacky. Bishop Tacky was then presented with the Credentials of Bishop.

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