Altar Ministry

(Wake Up Mighty Men) Fervently and consistently praying for World Impact Church, its members, and those God ordained to be in the body of Christ, the unsaved and current issues around the world.


Bookstore Department and Publications

A source of “feeding” God’s people to become mature and victorious Christians.


Children's Ministry

Teaching the children to grow in the knowledge of Christ


Counseling Ministry

Addressing human problems from how God sees it along with professional and proven resolution methods.


Deliverance Ministry

Approaching deliverance from  a balanced perspective so that the captives will be free from Satanic yokes and curses.


Hospitality Ministry

Committed to serve with a servants heart and the spirit of excellence.  They ensure our guests are give the best reception and treatment.


Media Ministry

Spreading the word of God through a variety of channels such as,  IT (Information Technology), Audio-live streaming, Video, CD, DVD, TV,  Radio broadcast and Live Streaming,


Men of Impact

Empowers both single and married men in every area of their lives.  Also to impact their lives to become responsible men of value and to fulfill their calling.

Member Services Department

Is responsible for assisting members of WIC to access the services and resources provided by ILC for its members.  “Membership Services is here for you” is not just another slogan, but is indeed the motivation for this department’s operation.   The Membership Services Department is committed to work as a team with the spirit of compassion, excitement and in excellence when providing assistance to fulfill the cares and concerns of the membership.


Outreach Ministry

Obeying God and reaching people of all nations for Jesus Christ by showing the love of Christ in a practical way to the world.


Praise and Worship Ministry (Impact Worshippers)

The primary goal is to usher the saints into the presence of God through praise and worship.  Furthermore, to a lift and encourage the spirit of the saints during worship services by psalms, hymns, songs (spiritual, contemporary and prophetic).


Program Planning Department

Are responsible for planning, implementation and evaluation of all programs of ILC, including identifying yearly strategies, and developing goals and objectives which are important in enabling ILC to achieve its vision.


Ushering Ministry

One of the frontline services, that is spirit-empowered, people and service oriented.


Women of Impact

Empowers both single and married women in every area of their lives.


Youth of Impact

Empowers the youth to know how to live in the world but not of it.




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