Scripture Reference:

 Psalm 115:14 – “The Lord shall increase you more and more, you and your children”.

 Deuteronomy 1:11 – “The Lord God of your fathers make you a thousand times so many more as ye are,

and bless you, as he hath promised”.

2016 has been declared a year of INCREASE. Increase in the context of the 2 scriptures above means to be promoted by God. It also means to be elevated and multiplied – to have more added to what you already have. This is a season of increase – God will elevate and promote you this year. It will be a constant and continuous increase which cannot be stopped. This is depicted by the phrase “more and more” in Psalm 115:14. It is also a sure/guaranteed blessing promised by God. It is a covenantal blessing. God does not break His promise nor renege on His Word. He cannot lie! His word is sure. Thus the thousand times increase is a ‘sure’ increase. It will surely come to pass.


A prerequisite to obtaining increase from God is to be blessed. You have to be blessed before God gives you increase.  To obtain increase from God, there is an implication that a person is already blessed. Deut 1:11 states that “The Lord God of your fathers make you a thousand times so many more as ye are …..” God said this at the time that the Israelites were already great in number. Yet God promised to bless them even more. You may already be blessed but God will multiply what He has already given to you. He will increase you more and more. The scripture indicates that God has already blessed you and will continue to increase that blessing more and more.


You should also know that you are the one who determines your increase – by the kind of seed you sow. This is depicted by the parable of the sower in Mark chapter 4.


God can increase you in the following ways:

a. Increase you spiritually – which includes increase in wisdom. (Luke 2:52, Prov 4:7)

b. Increase in knowledge – which means being filled with the knowledge of the things of God.

c. Increase in faith - We are all given a measure of faith when we become Christians (Luke 17:5) and God will increase this for you as you

    continue to hear, observe and study His Word (Romans 10:17).

d. Increase in strength (Isaiah 40:31)

e. Increase in your finances so that you can advance the kingdom of God with your substance and wealth.

f. Increase in your health (Exodus 23:25)

g. Increase in our numbers - as a church (Acts 2:41, 47).


Faith and patience together enables you to inherit the promise and God confirmed this by an oath. Patience is having the ability to endure during the waiting process. Waiting on God will enable you to change your position. As you wait, you must have the ability to endure. Note that during the waiting process, you must be expectant. Those who receive the promise have faith and patience. God will surely bring the increase. Abraham is a clear example - he had both faith and patience. Thus it is clear that to increase, you have to be blessed as well as have faith and patience. The key to blessing is obedience (Deut 28:1-2). You have to obey God’s word to be blessed. It is then that God will bless your increase (the work of your hands).


I declare the blessings of God upon your life. May He bless you and increase you a thousand times more as you continue to be obedient to Him. Amen.




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